Cleaner Jobs In Canada Foreigners in 2022

We are hiring Cleaner Jobs In Canada Foreigners in 2022 that include toilet cleaner jobs in Canada

hotel cleaner jobs in Canada
Aircraft cleaner jobs in Canada
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Cleaner Jobs In Canada For Foreigners Job Details:

Job Status: Full time
Schedule Monday-Friday, (3 pm-11 pm)
Pay Offered: $20.00/ hr
Location Holy Trinity School, Toronto ON

Important Information about Cleaner Jobs In Canada Foreigners in 2022

Job Summary
Responsible for heavy cleaning work including the cleaning of all hard bottom shells, the cleaning of all shells that must be reached by graduation or scaffolding, and the collection and junking of scrap from drop points to a scrap caddy or compactor.


Essential Duties and Liabilities for Cleaning Job in Canada:

Essential Duties for hotel, toilet cleaner jobs in Canada are as follow;

Sot mops, wet mop ( marshland/ mite) and polishes hard face bottoms. The washing/ scrubbing of bottoms is done with handheld or walk-behind buffing machines.
Strip and finish hard face bottoms manually or with a power outfit when needed.
Transport scrap from drop points to scrap lockers or compactor; operate the compactor and be responsible for drawing the compactor on a regular basis.
Transport conservation ministry, where necessary, between bottoms and job spots.
Clean glass areas taking graduations, scaffolding, or another extension outfit to reach.
Clean Restroom bottoms including washing, stripping, and finishing.
Clean stairwells and elevator taxicabs where graduations are needed.
Wash walls, ceilings, and dusts ceiling light institutions, and ceiling suckers.
Use pile lifting outfits to restore certain types of carpet.
Shampoo broadloom and uses rooting outfit to clean broadloom.
Misbehave with H&S regulations and company programs


Suppose you have what it takes to be part of our Heavy-Duty Cleansers? We’re committed to hiring the stylish gift for the part. Then’s how we’ll know you’ll be successful in the part
Experience needed for hotel cleaner jobs in Canada;
Former cleaning/ housekeeping experience is needed.
Capability to comprehend and communicate detailed instructions orally and in jotting.
Capability to multi-task and establish precedences.
Largely motivated and suitable to work singly.
Strong attention to detail and excellent time operation chops.
Must be suitable to use drawing outfit (ie. I-mop, vacuum.)
Physically suitable to carry out duties of the position.


HOST/ Visitant

We encourage and are pleased to consider all good campaigners, without regard to race, color, citizenship, religion, coitus, connubial/ family status, sexual exposure, gender identity, endemic status, age, disability, or persons who may bear an accommodation, to apply.
For accommodation requests during the hiring process,

CONTACT: for further information and queries.

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