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Hello!!!! We are offering urgent computer operator jobs in Dubai with flexible schedules and the best salary offers in the following fields;

1) Warehouse Assistant

2) StoreKeeper

3) General Assistant

Warehouse Assistant:

Duties and Liabilities
Check all incoming accouterments or physical and electronic shipping.
Give input on duty documents.
Do sorting and separation of purchase orders, as duty documents.
Make freight requests.
Make use of control accouterments and the company’s consumer and executive accouterments.
Work on the company’s internal and external Logistics issues.
Ware House
Take Force of the storehouse.
Make the physical and electronic drives Logistics Company.
Continuously identify, measure, and ameliorate processes.
Other duties as assigned.


Strong Jotting, attestation, and speaking chops
Capability to learn new chops and assume new liabilities
Capability to work cooperatively in a platoon terrain
Background check results satisfactory to SEL
Negative Medicine test result( s)


Medical Benefit
Monthly incitement
Staff Mess handed
Salary Increment
Monthly Two Way Ticket
Free Accommodation


2)  StoreKeeper Job in Dubai

DUTIES AND Liabilities

Take delivery of all incoming accouterments and attune with purchase orders
Track, document, and resolve any disagreement on entered orders
. Insure delicacy of the installation’s force system by streamlining records of physical force summations, bills, adaptations, and returns
. Manage force/ inventories and ensure they’re within the established minimum and outside situations
Keep over-to-date records of bills, records, and recessions from the storeroom
. Responsible for quilting, pricing, labeling, and returning inventories
. Responsible for stock gyration and coordinating the disposal of overpluses
Oversee the running of freight, the movement of outfit, and minor repairs
. Manage supplier relations and database as well as maintain high ethical connections both internally and externally
Produce purchase orders and use the copping card to perform low-value procurement conditioning
Responsible for dispatching canceled or damaged particulars back to suppliers as applicable.

Mindfulness of Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, and Environment Management system principles
. Knowledge of environmental and health impact of chemicals being stored in the storehouse
Knowledge of identification, handling, storing, and disposal of wastes and expired chemicals
. Capability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide into all units of measure.
Capability to pass a typing test at 35 words per nanosecond
Capability to operate a particular computer and related software
Good communication chops in the English Language.
Monthly Two Way Ticket
Free Accommodation



Job Description:
General Assistant – Al Ruwayyah Central Stores – Supply Chain – EKFC Group Company
Operations are invited for the position of General Assistant – Al Ruwayyah Central Stores
Position Within – Force Chain
Reports To – Sr. Team Member
Location – Dubai International Airport Terminal 1
Order – Catering Operations
Department – Supply Chain:

Crucial Liability (External):

Ensure the proper offloading of the incoming entrustments and the delivery to the colorful departments by maintaining proper attestation in the ERP system.
Ensure the entire goods delivery from entering bay up to the end druggies are effectively controlled as per the approved work inflow procedures
Plan and transfer the diurnal conditions from bulk to diurnal stores and insure proper attestation to match the deals.
Ensure that the Caddy cards are duly maintained-must control the storehouse and allocation of food products on a “ first in first out” base and any particulars which have a close expiry date are reported incontinently to the Elders.
Discharge and collect aircraft outfit, corroborate the opening stock, replenish drums up to defined norms, document the loss, sort the outfit, set, clear from the store, marshal, and load the store sets onto the aircraft.
Prepare the aircraft dry stores, amenities, bars, saleable, and minerals according to the applicable airline/ aircraft galley-lading plan and quilting lists. S/ he should dispatch and discharge outfits to and from outstations and pack the standard uplifts.
Ensure the breakouts are attended to on time and that the crew order is delivered as per the agreed time set for the same.
The job holder must store goods in a tidy manner in order to simplify the allocation and stock-taking process and produce supplies, work pier numbers, and any needed reports as requested by reporting director.

Alarm all concerned on a matter related to laggardly moving, presto moving,non-moving, urgently needed, near expiry dates and set a proper contingency plan (s) grounded on the stylish practices for his internal and external guests.

Ensure that FEFO, FIFO, FMFO, LIFO, and that this exertion from the GRV/ put away marker generation till the pick slip is assembled and the payload is verified to end stoner has been successfully achieved around the timepiece.

Being an active and important member of the flight services handling chain, the retainer must be streamlined with all airlines flight schedules and drill along with His/ her immediate administrator and/ or the Sr. Airlines Stores Manager the airlines stock conditions as defined by the galley lading plans and the menu specifications.

The job holder needs to share in the loading and offloading of the Airline inventories to and from the original anchorages including carrying concurrence of imported goods from the weight.

The job holder needs to prepare the menu cards for the Airline (EK) operation and ensure that all the multitudinous types of menu cards are sorted as per the sectors and the demand of the airline.

Ensure he’s completely apprehensive of all operating systems i.e. robotization and business software operations.
Carry out the diurnal conditioning by clinging to the company’s Hygiene and safety rules and regulations.

Apply the Quality Policy and Quality System established in agreement with ISO 9001 2000 transnational norms and execute His/ her liabilities according to the department work procedures while reflecting EKFC Quality Policy.

Essential Conditions/Capabilities:
Advanced Secondary School Certificate or original qualification.
Good communication chops
Knowledge of spoken and written English is a must
Should have an introductory familiarity with safety, hazards, and hygiene generalities.
Should be computer knowledgeable.
2 times previous experience rather in Supply chain Operations.

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