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There are many benefits of working at the Dubai Metro, including attractive tax-free salaries. The company will also pay for your yearly airfare and visa expenses. You’ll be provided with accommodation and food if you’re a non-UAE resident. You can also receive medical insurance. To get started on your career with the Dubai metro, apply today. This article provides more information about the benefits of working at the Dubai Metro. We hope you find it useful.

Serco Group plc operates the Dubai Metro

The contract to operate the Dubai Metro was awarded to Serco Group plc by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in December 2013. Since then, the company has been the sole operator of the city’s metro system. The company has more than 1,700 employees in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and is considered an employer of choice in the rail industry. Its staff has been praised for their performance and it recently trained the first female train driver in the region.


It is a British corporation

A British corporation, Serco, has been awarded the contract to run the Dubai Metro rail system. The contract will cover the operations and maintenance of the rail system in Dubai. Serco will also train its employees. The contract will run until September 2021. This is a major win for the outsourcing industry in Britain, which has been hit hard by Brexit uncertainty. The company has experience operating rail systems in the UK and Australia. It also manages ferries and light rail systems in Scotland.

It is looking for experienced candidates

If you are a graduate or an experienced professional who would like to work for a reputable company in Dubai, the Dubai Metro is now hiring. This company offers entry-level positions in customer service, call centers, cleaning, office assistant, accountant, and more. You must have a bachelor’s degree, be physically and mentally fit, have a good hearing, and have six-eyesight. The application form for this job is available online.

It is looking for fresh graduates

If you are a recent graduate and want to work in Dubai, you are in luck because Dubai Metro is hiring. The Metro is currently hiring people of all levels from fresh graduates to experienced workers with relevant industry qualifications. Apply today and start working on your career path with the Metro. In addition to the open positions, Dubai Metro is always looking for freshers to fill in vacancies and develop their skills. If you are interested in working for the Metro, here are some useful tips that can help you find a job with the company.

It is hiring for all professions

There are several jobs at Dubai Metro. Engineering, Transportation, Vehicle, Data, Program Management, Human Resources Department, and Security are the most sought-after vacancies. In addition to these, the company is hiring entry-level workers and freshers for positions such as cleaners, security, office assistants, and customer service representatives. All of these positions require a resume and relevant experience. If you are interested in a career at Dubai Metro, consider applying for one.


It is hiring for all levels

Are you looking for a new career in Dubai? If so, Dubai Metro is hiring at all levels. Entry-level positions are available for everyone, whether you are a new graduate or have a wealth of industry experience. The Dubai Metro is one of the world’s largest public services organizations, with over 4,500 employees throughout the middle east. Read on to learn more about the many opportunities available. You may be surprised by what you find.

How To Apply For Dubai Metro Jobs?

To Apply for Farm Worker Jobs in Dubai you have to submit you’re by just Email and apply with the help of the CV Format and be passionate while applying for multiple jobs in Dubai. All the best to all.

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