factory job for foreigners in Japan 2022


factory job for foreigners in Japan 2022 Apply Online Now:

Position Description:
An employment opportunity at a renowned golf club manufacturing in Saitama, Toda city (Full-time job)

Processing and assembly don’t require any prior knowledge! Background in academia is not necessary!

Active staff members are in their 20s and 40s!

This paper takes a look at the benefits of factory jobs in Japan:

Factory jobs have many benefits, for example, workers are guaranteed a minimum wage and their working hours are limited. This might not be so many of the benefits we look for but were not in all that different situations as it seems.

Other benefits include overtime pay, frequent social gatherings, and promotion acceleration opportunities.

factory worker Jobs in japan
factory worker Jobs in japan

Factory Worker Job specifics:

processing and assembly in a golf club.

Light assembly, packing, and shipping duties, including assembling specialty clubs, cleaning clubs prior to shipping, and visually inspecting finished clubs, and packaging.

Japanese companies rely on foreign workers for 4.6% of their workforce in local factories. Facing their own shortage of young people and a healthy labor force, they also have to watch workers near retirement leave to chase full-time retirement incomes at home, as well as an overall aging population crisis.

Factory employees must be tolerant and willing to work related to the production process they are assigned with. They should be able to consistently meet deadlines without any complaints and should know how to stay organized even when the workplace is chaotic. They are accountable for the quality of products they produce while adhering to strict safety guidelines set by their employer or by law.

Foreign workers who sustain a factory job in Japan typically have a high tolerance for long hours, work-related bodily pains (aches, strains, etc.), and extremely high

factory worker Jobs in japanfactory worker Jobs in japanfactory worker Jobs in japanfactory worker Jobs in japan
factory worker Jobs in japan

Type of industry:

Importing and exporting golf clubs, as well as buying and selling them, making them, putting them together, processing them, and fixing them.


Type of Contract: Haken Shain (Full time)

Hours of operation: 9:30-18:30 (break 60 minutes) Weekdays: Monday through Saturday

* Your request for working days will be taken into account.

Holidays and vacations: A full weekly two-day system (Sunday plus one day, with a business calendar)
* A total of 120 days off per year
Year-end and New Year’s holidays, GW holidays, Keiko holidays, paid time off for Christmas, and overtime labor are all available (20 hours per month on average)

Complete with social insurance (health insurance, pension benefits from welfare, employment insurance, and insurance for workers’ compensation accidents).

Benefits include a salary of 1,150 yen per hour, a transportation fee allowance, social insurance, the ability to go by bicycle rather than by car, and a monthly payment of 4,000 yen for those who only travel by foot or bicycle.

solely residents of Japan.
For this position, visa support is not available.

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  1. I am from phillipines can I apply to this job I have working experience in Japan as a farmer

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