Hotel Cleaner Jobs in Japan

Hotel Cleaner Jobs in Japan

In Japan, the demand for hotel cleaners is increasing steadily. As a result, hotels are hiring more people than ever before to meet the rising demand. Hotel cleaning is an important job, with high wages and a wide range of benefits. If you’re looking to join the Japanese hospitality industry, this job is a great choice. However, the Japanese language proficiency requirement is not mandatory, but it’s an advantage.

TESDA training

If you’re looking for a new job in the hospitality industry, you can apply for a TESDA training program for hotel cleaner jobs in Japan. This program aims to provide the country with qualified Filipino housekeepers who are between 23 and 25 years old. You’ll also have the opportunity to work in Japan while being paid US$1500 a month. To apply for a TESDA training program, you’ll first need to have a National Certificate II or equivalent, as well as knowledge of the Japanese language. After that, you’ll have to take an entrance exam and submit all your required documentation.

There are two different types of TESDA training programs. You can apply for Housekeeping NC II training, which is a certificate in domestic housekeeping. This training program will train you to do tasks such as washing dishes, preparing food, and making beds. The course itself is a four or five-day course, but it takes between three to four months to complete.

Japanese language proficiency

To get a job in a Japanese hotel, you should have some level of Japanese language proficiency. Many positions require a JLPT N2 or N3 level. Some employers also require applicants to have a TOEIC score, if their mother tongue is not English. Popular Japanese hotels cater to a global customer base, so you’ll want to show that you can communicate with guests.

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In addition to your Japanese language skills, you should be proficient in English. If you’re a non-native speaker, chances are that you’ll have a tough time finding a job. However, if you speak other Asian languages, you’ll be well-equipped to get a job in Japan.

To ensure that you can secure a job in Japan, you’ll need to demonstrate your Japanese language proficiency in interviews. Taking the JLPT is an easy way to see if you’re ready to work in Japan. It takes an impressive amount of skills to pass the test, so it’s important to ensure that you can communicate well with your prospective employer.

Average salary

Average salary for hotel cleaners in Japan is set to increase over the next few years. The salary of a cleaning professional in Japan is expected to increase by 6% annually. The pay increase is based on the level of contribution and performance. However, it should be noted that the salary of a cleaning professional varies across the country.


Currently, the average salary for a housekeeper is around 120,000 JPY. Despite this low pay, it is still enough to make a comfortable living and save for major expenses. The lowest paying industries for housekeepers are hospitality/food service, delivery/transportation, and lifestyle/entertainment.

The highest paying hotel cleaners earn about 186,000 JPY per month. However, the actual salary can be much higher than the average salary. Fortunately, Japan’s new visa program is expected to make it easier for foreign workers to find a job. This should help increase the number of jobs for foreign cleaners in Japan.

Employment outlook

The employment outlook for hotel cleaners in Japan is good. According to the latest data, the country has a 2.4 percent unemployment rate, and there are about 1.6 job offers per applicant. However, there are certain factors to consider, such as whether the investment is worthwhile.

If you want to work as a hotel cleaner in Japan, you should first acquire some knowledge of the language. You should preferably have a JLPT N4 level. In addition, you need to be in good health and have good physical stamina. If you’re unable to speak Japanese fluently, you might want to pursue other fields, such as a co-language project or work in other countries.

The average salary for hotel cleaners in Japan is about 212,000 JPY per month, which is good enough to pay the bills and save for big purchases. This is much better than the lowest-paying industries, such as food service, hospitality/hospitality, and delivery/transportation.

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