KIB Careers 2022

kib careers 2022

KIB Careers Jobs Opportunities In All Over Kuwait

KIB is an equal opportunity employer, with nine branches and declared major occupations at different levels. It also sponsors career fairs and is committed to ensuring a diverse workforce. Interested applicants should consider the diversity of the company’s workforce and apply accordingly. The company is a multicultural employer and values diversity in all its forms. So, if you’re looking for a career that allows you to make a difference, you’re in luck!

KIB is an equal opportunity employer

KIB encourages diverse applications and believes in a diverse workforce. Therefore, KIB encourages diverse applicants from various backgrounds and perspectives. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider applying to KIB:

It has nine branches

The Kuwait Islamic Bank (KIB) is a regional bank in Kuwait, with a large network of banking branches. KIB offers a wide range of banking products and innovative digital solutions and encompasses a leading social responsibility program to benefit community members. The bank has taken concrete steps to achieve new strategic objectives, firmly cementing its place as a local banking leader and sustaining its credit rating.

KIB is a public, shareholder-owned bank in Kuwait. Founded in 1973, the bank provides banking services and investment products to corporate clients, individual clients, and the Kuwaiti government. Its nine branches operate through different segments, including Commercial and International Banking, Retail Banking, and Investment Management. All three segments have unique requirements, including strict Islamic regulations, which is why the bank has dedicated Islamic scholars.

kib careers 2022
kib careers 2022

It has declared a major number of occupations for various levels

The Kuwaiti population is aging at an alarming rate. This problem is exacerbated by the shortage of arable land and water. The Kuwait government has attempted to mitigate this issue by experimentation with hydroponics and carefully managed farms. In addition, Iraqi troops destroyed the best soil in south central Kuwait, creating vast oil lakes. Kuwait also boasts abundant fish, with large-scale commercial fishing activities being conducted in the Indian Ocean.

The Kuwaiti labor market has many opportunities for graduates in specific fields. Graduates in computer science, public health, electrical engineering, interior design, auditory and speech therapy, and medical and museum sciences are needed by the labor market. Graduates in other fields like interior design, mechanical engineering, safety engineering, sports education, and archaeology and museum sciences are also in demand.

It sponsors career fairs

Alghanim Industries is an international oil company in Kuwait that is keen on participating in career fairs. As part of its talent development strategy, the company works with local educational institutions to offer career opportunities to young Kuwaitis. This way, it plays a key role in the development of Kuwait’s human capital. Sponsoring career fairs, it encourages young Kuwaitis to pursue their dreams and become active members of society.

In addition to facilitating interaction between local and foreign talent, the bank is also a sponsor of career fairs. The bank participated in the Kuwait University Career Fair 2022, where it conducted interviews with students and selected promising national talents to recruit later. The bank’s participation in these career fairs is an example of its talent nurturing strategy, which focuses on supporting the banking sector by recruiting young talents and introducing new perspectives. In addition, the bank plans to invest in digital transformation strategies, as well as boost national and international talent.


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